About Sheree 

This is my story and how I came to be a Medium and Spiritual Healer...

All my life I have always had this 6th sense that has allowed me to understand others on a deeper level. 

As a young child I sensed and saw spirit. I had no idea what or who they were and no one around me seemed to notice them. Not understanding this, I wished them away. Eventually I didn’t see them anymore… until my early 30’s. While going through a major life transition I was thrown into a full senses’ awakening of sorts, which brought me to a place of having to choose: to accept this frightening, misunderstood part of me or wish it away again, for good.

After embracing and understanding this amazing part of myself, I found my true purpose for this life. Even my previous career in social work, however rewarding, I never felt my purpose align like it does now.  The experiences of my life has molded me to help others to heal on a deeper level and in discovering their true authentic selves.

I’m an empath, medium, psychic/intuitive living to help others in spiritual healing. We carry so much hurt, trauma, dense and heavy emotions that it can cause us to stop living our lives to just survive. When we let go of fears, the past, what could be if, what could’ve been if, the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s, we begin to clear and make space for what we want and how we want to live.  

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