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Sheree Buckman

Inspiring healing through love, understanding, and community.

Saturday, April 20, 2024
A Retreat for Healers and Caregivers

A dream becoming a reality with a day filled with healing workshops, amazing gourmet food, optional spa services, and a place to network and build community

Mission and Purpose

During life's journey we can find ourselves stuck in states of grief, depression, stress, anxiety and other ailments that can block one from enjoying and living life to their fullest potential and purpose. This can happen when emotions and energy have not been fully processed and released from loss, hardships and challenges in life. 

When we decide to heal ourselves on the deepest levels we choose to break the cycle of heartache and pain.  For it is the trauma we hold that causes one to make destructive choices that affects not only ourselves, but everyone that surrounds us (even future generations).  By choosing to heal we then are able to leave an energetic trail inspiring others to follow.  Our own personal healing is the truest way to save the world.  

My life's purpose and work is to love, support, learn and teach how to inspire others on their journeys to healing.  Through my own life experiences, education, research, deep meditation, intuition, and connecting with loving Spirit, I am able to bring an unfiltered perspective in understanding how to heal on soul level.  

We all have the power to heal ourselves.  This is the true work of our lifetime.

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