- Jeshua in Your Soul's Plan, by Robert Schwartz

What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing is about going within one's self, accepting and loving every part of self, even what you 'think' is negative. It is about finding, exploring, and allowing ALL emotions to flow so you may feel your way through them. It is finding the understanding and lessons behind life's challenges to come to a place of (self) acceptance and change.

What is involved in a healing session?

All sessions are conducted using intuitive impressions received from personal energy and/or aura, together with Mediumship - connecting to Spirit (passed loved ones, Guides, or even your higher self) who share wisdom of what you need at this time to start the inner healing process.  

Where do sessions take place?

A session can take place in either my home, your home, or virtually through an electronic device.  No matter the location, I create a calming environment that is soothing and relaxed where we sit across from one another, like two friends chatting over coffee.

Is there physical contact in Spiritual Healing?

No. Touching is not a requirement in the Spiritual Healing I offer, nor is physical presence.  Energy can be felt and seen over any distance, however, physical presence can 'heighten' the experience. 

How can Spiritual Healing effect the Soul?

Understanding, processing, and releasing emotions tied to hardships and challenges (including people) changes the vibrational frequency of not only self, but those involved and everyone else around you.  The higher the frequency the more positivity you attract to you and your life.  By healing these deep parts of yourself releases Karmic lessons from repeating. 

How long to feel the effects of Spiritual Healing?

Immediately, if one is open and ready to surrender and allow healing. Although the healing process may take weeks, months or even years to fully complete. The process is different for everyone including the depth of the trauma. 
Spiritual Healing is not meant as a long-term therapy, just as a method to learn and allow space for self-healing.  

During quarantine 2020 I received my certification in spiritual healing. This course was created by one of the leading pioneers in mediumship and spiritual development, James Van Praagh.  This program taught me to heal others by doing the work for myself.  

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