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I was referred to Sheree by someone she knew in high school. I have always been interested in a reading but never felt sure about the medium, until I heard about Sheree. She started out by explaining the process, connecting with my energy and picked a chakra stone to represent my personality, which she then explained. As we went on, it was so hard not to divulge more about the information given but thankfully there was time for that too. I truly felt it was an authentic healing experience and she’s the real deal. I have already gifted sessions to friends and family and I truly felt emotionally lighter after our session.


I was really struggling with the loss of my mother and I needed to know for sure that death didn’t mean that we lose that person forever. I tried to have faith that I would be with her again one day, but I just couldn’t 100% believe that without having some sort of proof. I was barely able to function after her death, and I really needed the validation that my mom is still with me. I booked a session with Sheree, and I absolutely got that validation. Sheree told me things that she couldn’t have known about…things only me and my mom knew. I wish I could go into more detail, but I feel like it was a really personal and special, definitely life-changing, and I want to keep some of those things for myself. Just know that if you are on the fence about booking a session, or you don’t truly believe in mediumship, please give it a try. There are so many things Sheree relayed to me that were impossible for her to know. In fact, the whole session I had with her was amazing! I specifically asked my mom the night before, and on my way to my appointment, to “say something about my necklace” so I would know that it was really her. About halfway through my session, Sheree stopped in the middle of what she was saying and said “I’m supposed to say something about your necklace, your mom wants me to say something about your necklace”, and continued on with what she was saying before that! There is no way she would have known that, and she was so specific about the words she used, exactly like I asked my mom to it. I really feel that my appointment with Sheree gave me hope again and resolved any doubts that I was having about the afterlife. I can confidently tell you that there IS more than this life on Earth, and we do move on and reunite with our loved ones when it’s our time to go. My outlook is so much better after our meeting and I know for a fact that mom is still with me. I may not be able to see my mom right now, but I know that one day I will!


I met with Sheree in hopes of finishing my healing process from trauma I recently went through. Her knowledge and what she brings forward in her sessions isn’t exactly what I wanted to hear but it is exactly what I needed to hear in moving forward. I got the closure I needed from someone who wasn’t able to give it to me when he was alive. Although I didn’t want to hear from him, I needed to. I highly recommend Sheree if you are truly ready to start your healing process.

Katie Sass

I’ve had several sessions with Sheree and each one has been so powerful and amazing! Sheree has the ability to tune in to her intuition and connect with spirit and bring forward information that I needed to hear. Prior to one of our sessions, I was feeling stuck in my emotions and fearful around things going on with myself and my kids and needed more insight. Not only did Sheree give me the answers that I was looking for, but I felt so much better, lighter, happier, and more confident on how to move forward after our session. It also helped me to get out of my own way and release the fear I was feeling!! It felt like a reset. Not only did I appreciate Sheree’s help; my family appreciated the shift in my energy and mood which can affect those in my household. I have referred friends and family to Sheree and know that she can help anyone who is ready for help! On top of all of that, she is kind, compassionate, and non judgemental. She truly has her clients interest at heart!


I could not leave a happier and more fulfilling review on anyone! She asks for the "less information, the better," so you know she is genuinely here to use her gift to help you. I was highly comfortable, welcomed, and enlightened. Life is changing, saying the very least.

Jessica Anorve

Sheree is an amazing soul and I highly recommend that you schedule a reading with her. Sheree helped me and my eleven year old daughter through our most challenging moments. I am a firm believer and have had spiritual readings in the past. My experience with Sheree is beyond unexplainable and has validated the change that I felt in my heart was needed in order to live a more fulfilling life. Sometimes life happens and we get stuck in the midst of things and find ourselves surviving rather than living. My reading with Sheree as she connected with my biological father, grandmother, and our family dog were reminders that we are not alone. Sheree provides a safe place to experience these beautiful moments that I will forever cherish. Thank you for being YOU and doing what you do to help us at our crossroads.

Delilah Anorve

I am one of the youngest people who have received a reading from Sheree and I am so happy to have that experience. Sheree helped me connect with my pets and my grandpa who had passed. I am a survivor of trauma and had difficulties with anger and sadness and didn't know how to forgive the person who has hurt me the most in my life. Sheree helped me to cut the rope between me and that other person and she helped me learn that I am not alone. Because of my reading with Sheree I believe that I am strong and resilient. Sheree was so kind and told me that I am special and have my own abilities. I am very grateful for Sheree. 

Taylor W.

I did a video call with Sheree since we live states away. Although I am not a full skeptic, I was concerned that I wasn't going to hear what I was hoping for especially since we were not sitting in the same room together . I was so wrong. She was able to give me insight about myself and things I need to do to be able to heal. She also was able to give me messages from 2 of my loved ones that I miss so much. It has been a few days since my reading and I feel like a whole new person. Her gift is amazing and I highly recommend her to anyone.

Carmen B.

Sheree has been amazing. On my very first reading, she helped me start the healing process that I have started and gave me the insight I needed to keep going. The experiences are very positive and she truly cares about your healing and experiences. Please take the time to reach out to her and try a reading.

Tia Thompson

My reading with Sheree was a first. I had never been or talked to a medium before. And I was completely blown away. Not only did she answer a question I had asked myself everyday for over a year. She was spot on with so many answers to questions and insight to so much that was happening around me. The reading helped me to heal. I was not able to do that on my own. Since the reading I have taken into account that all is ok. I am supported and my grandmother is always with me. Among other things that were revealed I can say that I am happy and at peace. I highly recommend Sheree. She is very passionate about her gifts and using it to help and heal others.

Megan Hughes

Sheree had the utmost professionalism, complete knowledge and PATIENCE. No one wants to connect to a loved one after the fact, we all want them here with us. But she GAVE ME PEACE. Would I recommend her? I already have multiple times. Heart felt, genuine, sincere, and her talent is beyond words. If you have doubts...DO NOT! Trust Sheree!!!! I did and will as long as I feel the need to.

Emily C.

I had the pleasure of working with Sheree and it's something I'll never forget! I've never been big into spiritual readings (not that I don't believe), but this was something I desperately needed to hear. Sheree connected with my grandmother and was able to describe her kitchen area down to where the table sat. It was scary and amazing at the same time! I was able to hear from my grandma about how proud she is of the life I've created, along with a few sweet moments from other loved ones from my past. Sheree was kind and professional. 10/10 for sure!


I had a wonderful reading from Sheree in 2019. She was spot on and it was very comforting for me with who came through. It was a wonderful experience that I needed. I would do it again.

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