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Since the day I began this beautiful work, I affirmed to never let my price hinder one from exploring spiritual healing. This work is my purpose and I am blessed to be in a place to offer the world the truest gift of healing guidance from the most supportive unconditional love known, loving spirit.

It is also important to me to change the old world stereotype of mystical work as woo-woo. So I am giving the power back to the client in their own healing. Although some offer this amazing gift at set prices, (which I completely respect and understand as this work entails much energy, time, practice, risk and vulnerability) I have chosen to try something special.

I removed all set prices.

You pay for what you feel your session is worth or what you can afford.  No judgements!  While most are willing and able to afford a set price there are some who struggle financially whom I don’t want to fall through the ‘cracks’ of receiving the help they seek.  

Keep in mind...

while you determine the capability and worth of your healing…


I believe in people and that mankind is mostly good and honest. I absolutely hold myself to these standards and just ask that you consider this upon booking a session.


Pay what you feel it's worth or what you can (see below for more info)  


Do the research and compare with others that offer these services (keep in mind that most do not offer all of the below in one session)

What I offer 

Every session includes all of the below no matter the payment

1-1.5 hours of active session connected to your energy and loving spirit - no timer/natural ending (virtually or in-person)

30 minutes prior to session connecting to spirit and clients energy

1-1.5 hours of connected individualized healing guidance written to each client in email form (sent within 48 hours of active session)

Recording of active session (sent with healing guidance email)

Follow up and continued contact with me via email, instant messaging, and social media

= 3-4 hours of connected time and work per session/client


If you are able to provide $100 or more, I will give/mail you a special gift, hand selected by me  (a $15 value)

Don't have much to offer?

If you loved your session but are financially unable to provide what you feel it is worth I also believe in old world bartering.

Do you have a service to trade or make homemade crafts/gifts?  

Are you able to offer referrals, reviews, testimonies, etc?  

Do you live close by and can help me paint my house? (Kidding, but not kidding)

Maybe you have a combination of things you are able to offer?  

 Healing souls with a grateful heart

I believe in the amazing creativity of people and the universe and open the gates of magical surprise, as I am sure you are if you are reading this. I look forward to this wonderful experiment of love and faith. 

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