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2023 Newsletters

January 2023

The Light Outside Depression

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February 2023

Recharging the Empath

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March 2023

The Evolution of our Dreams

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April 2023

The Art of Cleansing

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May 2023 

Synched to Nature's Rhythm

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2022 Newsletters

January 2022

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

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February 2022

Love is All There is

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March 2022

Shifting Our Focus

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April 2022

Achieving Greatness: Our Impact on Others

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May 2022

Releasing False Beliefs

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June 2022

The Value of our Worth

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July 2022

The Power of the Present

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August 2022

The Creative Force

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September 2022

Illusion of Control

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October 2022

The Shackles of Fear

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November 2022

Releasing Others' Responsibilities 

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December 2022


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